Dance class in freezing weather presents its challenges!

Take care of your body during these months - warm from the outside in and from the inside out:




  • Layering your apparel is essential because extreme weather conditions can effect the temperature of in-studio environment. Wearing proper dance attire ("breathable" fabrics) while keeping your body warm can help to avoid injury. E.g. Leg warmers will help to keep your ankles warm and the muscle-venes-pump active for a fluid blood circulation and muscle care.
  • Once you are moving and getting warm, remove layers to avoid overheat. When you keep moving with too many layers on, your heart rate increases, you sweat more and lose fluids in your body. Your body sends more blood to your skin and away from your muscles (increased injury risk!).
  • Warming up is always necessary, but especially in colder months - to avoid injury. When coming in from the cold, your muscles are contracted to assist in keeping your body warm, and they need to be loosened slowly before beginning to dance. Get your body moving and blood flowing before class and don’t skip cool-downs after! Ease your body back to its resting state with dynamic stretches, gentle yoga poses, fascia rolling.
  • Get changed quickly as soon as you are ready with your training or rehearsals, even if your body still feels warm from dancing. When your clothes are wet, your sweat stays on your skin, which makes it hard for your body to maintain a safe body temperature - which is essential for staying healthy.
  • We tend to not drink as much water when the weather is cold, but keeping yourself hydrated is important year-round. During the winter, drink more water than you think you should. You can also warm up from the inside out by drinking warm beverages before or during class such herbal teas.
  • Fuel your body daily with proteins, fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates and healthy fats is crucial to your body’s recovery and mental focus. Start your day with warm breakfast and eat warm soup or high protein hot light meal during lunch or before rehearsal. Doing this can significantly help to heat up your whole body!