26. März 2024
How can you protect your shoulders as a Dancer and Performance Artist?

09. März 2024
Several scientific studies have proven that additional and regular strength training leads to better technique, increased performance with more energy for artistic interpretation and reduced risk of injury.

22. Februar 2024
COLD or HOT treatment: which one to reach for when you’re injured, in pain or sore?

04. Februar 2024
The mirror is a staple in a dance room. It can be a helpful tool that assists dancers in self-correction, evaluating height, shape and placement.

12. Januar 2024
Lengthen, pull up, increase the line... Developing ELONGATION in the movement is the art of extending throughout the body along specific lines, planes and alignments during every dance movement as well as in seemingly static poses.

07. Dezember 2023
Dance class in freezing weather presents its challenges! Take care of your body during these months - warm from the outside in and from the inside out!

23. August 2022
Dancers are some of the physically strongest people I’ve ever worked with. From a very young age, there is an unusual emphasis on physical accomplishment of extremely difficult technique, both quantitatively and qualitatively, mental focus, self-control, and an aesthetic which defies normal human anatomy and physiology.

01. November 2018
Tanzen ist gesund. Nicht nur, weil der ganze Körper durch die Bewegungen trainiert, die Muskulatur und das Herzkreislaufsystem gestärkt werden. Sondern auch, weil sich der Tanz auch positiv auf den Gleichgewichtssinn und die Koordination auswirkt.