Shoulder Protection as a Dancer and Performance Artist

How can you protect your shoulders as a Dancer and Performance Artist?


Based on my current research and further education, I would like to support you today in MULTIFUNCTIONAL SHOULDER INSTABILITY.

During my time as a professional Dancer, I experienced with several overuse symptoms and injuries in the shoulder area. Especially Dancers, Gymnasts and Circus Artists can be predisposed to this issues due to the extreme ranges of motion that their shoulders endure, increased rates of hyper-mobility, repetitive overhead movements and unpredictable external loads produced during Pas De Deux, Acro or Duo Aerials - as you can see in the picture.

Thank you to Kiyoka Hashimoto and Brendan Saye from Wiener Staatsballett for this amazing pose!

(Photocredit: Photocredit: Ashley Taylor)

Shoulder instability can result from a combination of factors such as overuse like I mentioned above, muscle imbalances, hyper-laxity, poor technique and previous injuries. Dancers/Performers with this condition may experience pain, decreased range of motion and a sense of shoulder "giving way" during movement.

What can you do?


Prevention strategies including proper Warm-up, strengthening exercises, maintaining good posture and seeking guidance by a healthcare professional for technique modifications and injury managment are crucial for supporting multifunctional shoulder instability and preventing further dysbalance, pain or injury!

Attached you'll find some preventive exercise variations to optimize your shoulder alignment and strength. Please make sure to perform these exercises with proper form and control. It's also important to listen to your body and avoid any exercises that cause pain or discomfort.
If you're unsure about which exercises are best for you, consider consulting with a physical therapist or certified trainer who has experience working with dancers.

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