Be "strong"! Why is strength training important for dancers?


Why is strength training important for dancers?

Well-trained muscles and good muscular endurance counteract rapid fatigue. 

Several scientific studies have proven that additional and regular strength training leads to better technique, increased performance with more energy for artistic interpretation and reduced risk of injury.

Correct strength training does NOT lead to a loss of technique or bulky muscle growth. There is much uncertainty about strength training probably because of less knowledge or confusing terminology: strength, endurance, speed?

🔹️STRENGTH refers to the ability to overcome resistance. In dance, the resistance is usually the surrounding air but also gravity (e.g. Développé). If the muscle that actively controls the movement is well trained, then the resistance will be easier to overcome. Strength exercise is performed against a relatively high load for a short duration against resistance (weights, resistance bands, inclines, water).

🔹️STRENGTH ENDURANCE is a composite term and dependent on strength and endurance (e.g. Changement). How many times you can move your weight without getting exhausted. It can be trained most effectively with longer intervals (sets) and only very short rest periods in between. Alternatively, you can choose a longer period of time (20-60min) with repetetive stress (running uphill or up stairs).  Because in the end, endurance determines how quickly we tire.

🔹️SPEED STRENGTH describes the ability to develop an explosive and great performance in a very short period of time (e.g. Grand Battement). It is trained with very short intervals and maximum intensity. In any case, there should be longer breaks between the sets so that the body can again use the necessary maximum performance for a repetition.

Planning strength training - but how? These 3 questions maybe help as a starting point:
🔹️What are the physical demands of a specific dance technique?
🔹️What steps or movements am I having trouble performing?
🔹️Do I already have pain during or after performing a certain movement?

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